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Registration Agreement

22 Aug 2015 02:17

I. The agreement’s contents, effectiveness, and alternation

  1. The agreement’s contents include agreement text and various rules enacted or to be enacted by Fashioninhair. All rules are inalienable parts of the agreement, which have the same legal forces with agreement text. Except otherwise stated, the agreement is binding on services (hereinafter referred to as services of Fashioninhair platform) offered by any Fashioninhair and its affiliated companies.
  2. In this agreement, “Member” indicates a joint name of the buyer, namely registered members on the platform for shopping; “Seller” and “Store” indicate a joint name of the seller, namely merchants established stores in Fashioninhair
  3. You shall read all agreement contents before using services of Fashioninhair platform. If you have any doubts, please consult Fashioninhair. You can become formal users of the platform after agreeing all agreement terms and completing registration procedures. The agreement comes into effect after you click the button that “I have read and agreed to abide by Registration Agreement”, which is binding to both parties.
  4. The agreement is binding to you, only if you use services of Fashioninhair platform. You shouldn’t advocate that the agreement is invalid or require cancelling the agreement at that time for you haven’t read the agreement’s contents or acquire answers from Fashioninhair.
  5. You confirm: the agreement is used for disposing rights and obligations of Party A and B, which is always valid, except otherwise specified by law mandatorily or both parties specially.
  6. You commit to accept and abide by the agreement. If you don’t agree with the agreement, you shall stop registration procedures or using services of Fashioninhair platform immediately.
  7. Fashioninhair has the right to draw up or modify the agreement and/or various rules regularly as required, publicized on the platform, without separate and independent notice to users. Alternated agreements and rules come into effect immediately once announced in the website. You shall stop using services of Fashioninhair platform immediately if you don’t agree with relevant alternations. If you continue to use services of Fashioninhair platform, it indicates that you accept alternated agreements and rules.

II. Users’ rights and obligations

  1. Users have the right to possess their own user name and transaction password on the platform and to log in Fashioninhair platform with the use of their own user name and password. However, users shall not assign or authorize others to use their user name on the Fashioninhair platform in any form.
  2. 2. User have the right to inquire goods information, to log in goods, to participate in online goods bidding, to conclude Goods Sales Contract with the seller, to evaluate other users’ credit, to attend relevant activities of Fashioninhair platform, and to enjoy other related information services offered by Fashioninhair.
  3. Users are in duty bound to offer their own actual data at the time of registration, guaranteeing that such contents as e-mail address and contact address are effective and safe and Fashioninhair and the seller can contact them through the above contact way. Users shall not register on Fashioninhair platform with the use of others’ data.
  4. Users shall guarantee to abide by the principle of honesty and trustworthiness when using Fashioninhair platform. Users shall guarantee not to adopt improper purchasing and competitive behaviors during transaction or disturb regular order of online transactions.
  5. Users are in duty bound to guarantee not to evaluate the seller maliciously on Fashioninhair platform or take improper means to increase their own points and vouchers or to reduce other users’ reputation.
  6. Involve any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that have the effect of damaging, interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any software or hardware system, data or personal information;
  7. Users shall not transact internationally prohibited products, or buy or sell products infringing others’ intellectual property or legal interests or products whose transactions are not permitted on Fashioninhair platform.
  8. Users commit that all behaviors implemented during using Fashioninhair platform abide by national laws, relevant provisions of Fashioninhair platform, and various public interests or public morals. If there are any legal consequences caused by violation, users shall independently undertake all corresponding legal responsibilities in their own name;
  9. Users agree not to conduct commercial exploitation towards any data on Fashioninhair platform, including copying and propagating any contents shown on Fashioninhair website without written permission of Fashioninhair.
  10. Users agree not to promote prejudices based on race, gender, religion, nationality, deformity, and preference.
  11. Normal operation of the platform shall not be affected, which are caused by any computer virus or other destructive facilities and codes.

III. Fashioninhair platform’s rights and obligations

1. Fashioninhair platform is in duty bound to maintain the platform’s normal operation on transaction on the basis of existing technology and to try hard to promote and improve technologies, so that users’ online transaction activities can be conducted smoothly.

2. As for problems and conditions met by users at using Fashioninhair platform after registration or related to registration, Fashioninhair platform shall reply timely.

3. If users have improper behaviors on Fashioninhair platform or other conditions which Fashioninhair platform thinks to terminate services, Fashioninhair has the right to delete relevant information or terminate providing services at any time, not admitted by users;

4. For specialties of online trading platform, Fashioninhair is not in duty bound to audit all users’ registration data, all transaction behaviors, and any other businesses related to transactions in advance. However, if users or other third parties inform Fashioninhair platform that certain users or specific transactions have significant violations or illegal situations, Fashioninhair platform has the right to choose to retain or cancel relevant information or continue to or stop providing services for users and investigating and affixing legal liabilities according to different cases.

5. Fashioninhair platform has the right to investigate users’ registration data and transaction behavior. If registration data or transaction behaviors have any problems or doubts, Fashioninhair platform has the right to inquiry and to require correction or cancel such doubts.

6. As for the following information published by users on Fashioninhair transaction platform, Fashioninhair has the right to delete such information or take other restrictive measures under the precondition of not informing users:

Information for avoiding fees;

Information for speculation;

Fashioninhair has reasons to believe that there is fallacious or false information.

Fashioninhair has reasons to believe that there is information not related to online transaction or for transaction.

Fashioninhair has reasons to believe that such information violates public interests or may seriously damage benefits of Fashioninhair and other users.

Fashioninhair has reasons to believe that there are fallacious biddings or other information disturbing normal transaction orders.

7. Fashioninhair will set or access Fashioninhair cookies on users’ computers. Fashioninhair permits companies publishing advertisements on Fashioninhair websites to set or access cookies. Cookies can provide individual services for users. If refusing all cookies, users can not use Fashioninhair products and services contents where registration is needed.

IV. Disputes and complaint handling

1. When there are facts infringing upon users’ rights during they use services of Fashioninhair platform, users shall inform the website timely and provide corresponding evidentiary materials. If losses are caused to the platform or the third party for false complaints, the default party shall undertake legal liabilities.

2. The platform has the right to accept and dispose disputes and complaints caused among users for using the platform, to know about situations through e-mail, and to inform known situations to the other party by e-mail. Users are in duty bound to provide corresponding data within the appointed time after receiving notices to handle disputes and complaints. Users can sue to People’s Court when they are not satisfied with handling results.

3. If users break laws or breach the agreement confirmed by effective legal documents or judged by the platform, the platform has the right to deal with them correspondingly, including but not limited to terminating services and prohibiting using websites permanently.

V. Termination and suspension

As for the following behaviors of users, the platform has the right to suspend or terminate relevant services or refuse to use the platform in any ways, and the platform reserves the right to investigate users’ legal liabilities:

l  Users breach the agreement and there are conditions when the website terminates services;

l  Users publish repeated information, information not belong to users’ business scope, or information not related to website services;

l  Users send much information not related to business to website users without requests or authorizations;

l  Users publish business information and conduct commercial activities in name of other enterprises;

l  Users plan to destroy or attack platform website’s computer system and network’s integrity, or try to access platform’s website computer system or network;

l  Users use or provide any computer viruses, pretended destructive procedures, computer worms, and timing routine bombs, including destroying, disturbing, cutting out, or embezzling any system, data, or personal information;

l  Users embezzle others’ login name and/or password on the website; users sell or authorize others to use accounts, are engaged in website’s fraudulent activities, or infringe the website’s intellectual property;

l  Users breach national laws and regulations, rules, and relevant agreements, provisions, rules, and procedures of the website;

l  Other conditions which the company thinks that services shall be terminated.

VI. Intellectual property

Copyright of the platform, material selection, sorting, arrangement, and compilation of all contents, letters, and pictures belong to the platform. Any natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations can not modify, publish, spread, participate in spreading, sell, manufacture, or use all or part contents on the website without written authorization or permission of the platform, including but not limited to company information and product information. The website will reserve the right to investigate their legal liabilities.

Without the website’s authorization, nobody can use any trademarks, service marks, identifications, domain names, or other prominent brand features.

Users can not register and purchase products on the website with the use of others’ data/information, or assign or lend their account and password to others. If your account is used illegally by others, please inform the website immediately.

Users agree to accept that the website send commodity promotion or other relevant business information to users by e-mail, webpage, or other legal ways.

VII. Miscellaneous

At the time of using relevant services of website, users shall know about, accept, and agree to abide by additional terms and conditions of relevant services.

If any terms in the agreement are invalid or don’t have executive forces completely or partially for any reasons, residual terms in the agreement are still effective and have binding forces.

Terms of the agreement are divisible. Any invalid or non-executable terms don’t affect validity of other terms.