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Human hair mall

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1. Fees: No fees will be charged for the registration in our mall.

2. Information filling:

1) The user must provide true, detailed and accurate information. Any change to the information must be updated timely. If some of the information provided by a member is incorrect, the mall retains the right to terminate the qualification of the member to use the network service.

2) The mall is allowed to send message to your email address and communication equipment at odd intervals.

3) If the mall or any other party withstands any loss of any nature due to the unreal or incorrect registration information provided by a user, the user shall bear the liability for all losses; if only the user suffers a loss of any nature, he/she shall bear it on his/her own.

3. Member account, password and security
1) Please bear in mind your account number and password and do not disclose the information to any third party.
2) The member should be responsible for the security of his/her account name and password as well as all the activities and events conducted in his/her member name.
3) In case of finding any illegal embezzlement of a member account or a security flaw, the member should immediately inform the mall.

4) Any user loss caused by the member’s leakage of account information shall be borne by the user himself/herself.

The following behaviors are strictly prohibited:
1. Violate the registration agreement
2. Provide false personal information
3. Any behavior harmful to the interest of the mall
4. Any behavior in violation of Chinese laws and regulation as well as relevant regulations of the Internet
5. Any behavior to use his/her member account for sale, auction or other transaction as a product
6. Inappropriately exercise members’ rights such as lending, transferring member account to another member
7. Obtain a member account through password stealing, fraud and other devious means
8. Fail to observe the return and/or replacement policy, logistics policy or other policies
9. Repeatedly and maliciously submit orders
10. Other behaviors that cause direct or indirect losses. If a member has one of the above behaviors, the mall has the right to terminate his/her account immediately.

Membership Privacy System:
The mall respects a member’s privacy protection. Your registration information as well as other personal information retained by the mall will receive Chinese legal protection of privacy.
1. For the respect of a member, the mall will not make public, edit or disclose the personal information of the member without prior agreement of the member.
2. The mall will not make public a member’s personal information except for the following conditions:
- The member authorizes the mall to disclose the information

- Relevant laws, procedures or administrative orders require the mall to provide the member’s personal

- In case of an emergency, endeavor to defend the security of personal privacy and public privacy.
- Comply with other relevant requirements